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Sky Pilot

Sunday, August 9, 2020 - Distances TBA

Date: Sunday, August 9, 2020
Distances: TBA


Sky Pilot is returning for 2020 with an earlier date in August, and new & improved courses that are less likely to be impacted by inclement weather.

Watch for details in the new year, with registration opening Feb 15. In the meantime, event details on the page below are from 2018, and do not reflect our plans for 2020.

Kids Race:
The Kids Race is 1km in length, and most runners are aged between 2 – 7, though we welcome all kids to participate. It’s not timed, is non-competitive and purely for the fun of all involved, but with special kids’ bibs and random draw prizes. Registration is free, and is available online, or on race morning.



Ascent: 750m / 2450ft
Descent: 750m / 2450ft 

The 14km race is an incredibly scenic and VERY challenging loop – check out this video of the views! You will encounter stream crossings, steep terrain and a few sections where you’ll need to use a fixed rope to assist with balance over some short but steep sections (an experienced runner can easily complete these sections without touching the ropes that are in place). The majority of the back half of the 14km route is not technical, though overall it is still a very challenging trail race.

Click the map above to view a larger image.


Date: Sunday, August 9, 2020
Distances: TBA

Sea to Sky Gondola, Squamish, BC
*The Basecamp Cafe, which serves Galileo coffee will be opening early for all your caffeine needs*

Gondola Upload: TBA
Start Time:


Start/Finish: Sea to Sky Gondola upper lodge



Package Pickup: 
Saturday Aug 8: 4pm – 6pm at Escape Route Squamish

Lift tickets will be available for purchase at a discount for racers & family shortly before race weekend. Tickets must be purchased on the Sea to Sky Gondola website, and you’ll receive a receipt to claim your lift ticket on race morning. NOTE: tickets must be purchased in advance, and are only valid for Sun, Aug 9.

EVERYONE MUST PARK at the Darrell Bay overflow parking lot, located ocean side, just before the gondola parking lot. Please allow for ten minutes to park and walk across to the gondola. Drivers can drop off runners at the gondola in advance of parking BUT NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO PARK IN THE GONDOLA PARKING LOT. There is a strictly enforced three hour parking limit so anyone who attempts to park in the gondola parking lot can expect a parking ticket upon their return.

Parking Shuttle From Darrel Bay to STSG:
A complimentary shuttle service is provided to transport runners from the overflow parking at Darrel Bay up to the racer check in at the STSG base lodge. Walking times are about ten minutes. The shuttle will operate as of 6:30am and will be on a constant loop as it fills seats.

Aid Stations:
One Aid Station will be located where the two courses split at roughly KM8. Both rappel races and the 25km race hit the aid station twice, while the 14km race only passes by a single time.

**Please note that ALL runners (other than 14km) MUST carry ample fluids with them while departing the aid station before heading up to run the ridge.** There is only one creek beyond here as a water source while completing the ridge loop.

Our aid stations have all the good stuff: water, Hammer gel, Heed electrolyte, Coke, chips, fruit, and cookies.

Bag Check: There will be a tent at the start/finish line to leave a bag, but it is not monitored so please label your bag and do not leave any valuables.

Cupless: In our effort to reduce waste, all our races are now cup-free, meaning you’ll need to pack along your own cup for fluids at aid stations and at the finish line. Here are two suggestions: a collapsible cup (available in our merch store), or a homemade version cutting the top off an empty juicebox.

15km and 25km Rappel Certification Course:
Participants in either rappel course must have a certification or proof of competency for rappelling.

Poles (hiking / trekking / running poles) are NOT ALLOWED in any distances at Sky Pilot.

Mandatory Gear List (15km rappel, 25km, and 25km rappel courses):
This is mandatory gear and there are no exceptions. We will have volunteers checking one random item per person, prior to getting into the ridge area of the race. If you do not possess the one item you are asked to provide you will be turned around and not allowed to proceed. This will be non-negotiable and is for everyone’s safety.

1) Whistle 2) Space blanket 3) Buff or toque 4) Gloves 5) Long sleeve wind jacket 6) Cell phone 7) Lighter or matches 8) Headlamp or flashlight (no the light on your phone will not suffice) 9) Printed course map (please print your own copy) 10) 600 calories 11) Ability to carry two litres of water.

Mandatory Gear List (15km and 25km Rappel Course):
This is the rappel gear list that has to carried with you from start to finish, in addition to the Mandatory Gear List above: harness, helmet, 2 locking carabiners, 1 belay device, and 1 sling.

25km Cutoff Times: 
KM 8 at the aid station outbound: 2h15m / 11:30am

KM 18 at the aid station inbound: 5h30m / 2:45pm

KM 25 at the finish line: 6h30m / 3:45pm

  • If a runner does not cover the first eight kms in under two hours and fifteen minutes they will be directed onto the 14km course and will be recognized as a 14km race finisher.
  • If a runner comes down off the ridge into the aid station for the second time, at approximately km eighteen after 2:45pm they will be directed / short coursed straight back to the gondola via the service road and considered a DNF.
  • ​Runners who clear the aid station for the second time, at approximately km eighteen, will have until 3:45pm to complete the race as an official finisher. Anyone crossing the line after 3:45pm will be considered a DNF.

10 Essentials: We encourage everyone to always carry the 10 Essentials for backcountry safety in your pack – whether you’re out training or adventuring on your own or with friends, or participating in one of our extensively marked races, you can never predict what might happen. Learn more about the 10 Essentials in this article by North Shore Rescue.


Race results for all years are available below.

2018 Results: 14 km

2018 Results: 25 km

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2018 race day photo galleries are now posted:

Photos by Brian McCurdy

Photos by Scott Robarts

Historic Photos

Get a glimpse of the 2018 race in the photos below:


2020 registration opens Sat, Feb 15 @ 7am PST.