100 Mile


100 mile

TBA 2022 - Whistler Alpine Meadows

With too many variables outside our control, we've had to postpone the 100m, 110km, Ascent and Triple WAMMY events to WAM 2022. We're looking forward to seeing you then, and hopefully having WAM back to normal!

Date: Sept 23-25, 2022
Distance: 167 km / 104 miles
Ascent: 9,500 m / 31,500 ft
Descent: 9,500 m / 31,500 ft



The WAM 100 mile race is hands down, all at once the most stunning ultra in Canada and the most challenging race in the country, in fact it ranks right up there as one of the toughest 100’s on the continent.

167 kilometers of incredible terrain, up and down the two major mountains on the east side of the Whistler valley: Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain...while doing Whistler Mountain twice! All while covering over 9500 meters (31,000 feet) of climbing and descent, and skirting no fewer than a half dozen alpine lakes along the way, including Jane, Jake, Logger’s, Cheakamus, and more. We’ve even thrown in three suspension bridge crossings for good measure.

This is as much an adventure as it is a run. The course is unrelenting, but it has a high “reward value” in that we don’t have long sections of suck while you’re waiting for the few highlights to present, rather the highlights are plentiful and you’d have to close your eyes to eliminate the beauty of the area from constantly coming at you.

The course is absolutely littered with glacial snow-capped peaks as far as the eye can see, with straight shot, up close views over the jagged formations of Black Tusk, Rainbow, Wedge, Whistler, Garibaldi, Fissile, Blackcomb, Overlord, and on, and on, and on. This scenery along this route rivals that of the great races in the European Alps, in fact many European runners have already commented on how much wilder and more remote this race course is by comparison.

This race is an absolute beast for runners to conquer and even with a seemingly generous 48-hour cutoff in place, more than a few people won’t even come close, oh and by the way, you’re not allowed a pacer. This is a graduate level race, so buckle up cause s#!t just got real around here. This is a journey you won’t soon forget.


Distance:  167 km / 104 miles
Ascent: 9,500 m / 31,500 ft
Descent: 9,500 m / 31,500 ft

Course Maps

View an interactive map with elevation profile below.

Note: While the map data above shows distance/elevation to be slightly short, we're very confident you'll cover the full prescribed distance on the day.

Download a GPX file of the above route by clicking here.

Or, you can view an image of the course map below. You can click the image to open a larger file in a new tab, or download onto your mobile device.

Click map above to download full-size version. Warning - large file!!

Race Day Schedule

Date: Sept 23-25, 2022
Location: Whistler, BC
Start Time:



48hr cutoff

Start Line: Meadow Park
Finish Line: Riverside Resort

Race Details

Please see full 100 mile details in the table below. On a mobile or smaller screen? This table scrolls, or if you prefer you can download a copy here.

AS# Location Total kms Split kms Elevation Splits Drop Bags? Crew? Toilet? Cut Off Time Cut Off Hrs
START Meadow Park 0 14.5 +733m
- - Y - -
1 Alta Lake 14.5 11.5 +632m
N Y Y - -
2 Function 26 19 +1,071m
N Y Y - -
3 WAC 45 15 +755m
Y Y Y - -
4 Village 60 19 +1,720m
N Y N 00:00 SAT 15
5 Whistler Mtn 79 14 +158m
N N Y - -
6 WAC 93 13.5 +1,572m
Y Y Y 11:00 SAT 26
7 Whistler Mtn 106.5 19.5 +482m
N N Y - -
8 Base 2 126 4 +848m
Y Y Y 23:15 SAT 38.25
9 7th Heaven 130 12 +758m
N N N 02:45 SUN 41.75
10 7th Heaven 142 17 +495m
N N N - -
11 Green Lake 159 8 +275m
N N N - -
FINISH Riverside 167 - - Y - Y 09:00 SUN 48

​Aid Stations, Drop Bag and Finish Line Bags:

All races will have finish line bags, which will be under a tent which is not monitored so please label your bag and do not leave any valuables.

100 mile Aid Stations: there are a total of 11 aid stations in the 100 mile (as shown on the course map)

100 mile drop bags at:
AS #3/6 at The Whistler Athletes' Centre (WAC)
AS #8 at Base 2, Blackcomb Mtn

Our aid stations feature all the good stuff courtesy of Nesters Market & Hammer: water, Hammer gel, Heed electrolyte, Coke, chips, fruit, nuts, cookies, soup, pickles, bacon, sandwiches, vegan options and other hot items, unique to each aid station. Some will have pizza, some will have french fries, some will have pancakes, all will attempt to have coffee.


60k – Aid Station 4 (Whistler Village): 15h00m (12:00midnight Fri)
93k – Aid Station 6 (Whistler Athletes' Ctr):
 26h00m (11:00am Sat)
126k – Aid Station 8 (Base 2, Blackcomb Mtn): 38h15m (11:15pm Sat)
130k – Aid Station 9 (7th Heaven OUTBOUND, Blackcomb Mtn):
 41h45m (2:45am Sun)
167k – Finish (Riverside Resort):
 48h (9:00am Sun)

​Crew, Pacers and Poles

Please click the button below to open crew driving directions in a new tab (PDF), from where you can download and print.

Crew Directions

Crew Accessible Aid Stations:

  • AS #1 on Alta Lake Road, at the Rainbow Lake Trailhead.
  • AS #2 at Function. Crew will have to park about 700 meters away and walk down a flat service road to access the aid station and their crewing point
  • AS #3 at The Whistler Athlete’s Centre (WAC)
  • AS #4 at Village
  • AS #6 at The Whistler Athlete’s Centre (WAC)
  • AS #8 at Base 2, Blackcomb Mtn

Pacers: Pacers are NOT allowed in any distance, including the 100 mile distance due to permitting restrictions.

Poles: Poles ARE allowed for this event. Please be careful and aware of other runners, and those who are immediately behind you.

Registration Prerequisites

Must perform at least 8 hours of trail work between Jan 1st and Sept 1st on the same year as the runner is running the WAM races. In lieu of performing trail work runners can make a cash donation equal to $20 per hour of the outstanding trail hours. For the 100 mile, runners can donate $160 to the Whistler trails (link below) to forgo their volunteer requirements entirely.


Volunteer hours can be performed anywhere in the world, on any trail system and with any trail organization.

NOTE this is trail work and must contribute directly to building or maintenance of trails.  Volunteering at a race or event does not meet the requirement.

Local trail organizations have a regular schedule of trail work times. For more info and to sign up, visit:

SORCA (Squamish)
WORCA (Whistler)
NSMBA (North Shore)

Once your trail work is completed, you must have this form completed by August 31st. On Sept 1st anyone with outstanding trail work hours will be expected to make a donation to the Whistler trails via the Donation link above.

There are no physical prerequisites to register for any of our race distances. We trust that you’ve done at least some research and that you know what you’re getting into, and if you haven’t done your research and the proper training you really won’t last long on any of these routes anyways. The 110k and 100mile races in particular should not be your first stab at these distances, but that won’t stop many of you from trying, and there’s nothing to say that a newbie couldn’t finish these distances assuming that person respects the distance and performs the necessary training in the year leading up to the race. If you plan to wing it and somehow believe you can just get through these courses on a whim, on grit alone, then you’re just throwing your hard-earned money away, and we’ll happily take that hard earned moula and then list you as a DNF (did not finish) in our final results 🙂

​Mandatory Gear List:

Gear checks will be staged throughout the course, and any runner failing to produce a piece of mandatory gear shall receive a 1 hour time penalty, per piece of missing gear, per gear check. (If you cross the finish line in 45h01 and have been assessed 3 hours in time penalties, your subsequent finish time will be 48h01 and you will officially become a DNF.) Mandatory gear is mandatory at all times.

a) waterproof breathable hooded jacket
b) emergency bivy (space blankets do not count)
c) whistle
d) gloves
e) toque or buff
f) full length pants or tights (it counts if you’re wearing them)
g) long sleeve shirt (arm sleeves do not count, but it does count if you’re wearing the long-sleeved shirt)
h) headlamp (at least 100 lumens)

10 Essentials: We encourage everyone to always carry the 10 Essentials for backcountry safety in your pack - whether you’re out training or adventuring on your own or with friends, or participating in one of our extensively marked races, you can never predict what might happen. Learn more about the 10 Essentials in this article by North Shore Rescue.


In our effort to reduce waste, all our races are now cup-free, meaning you'll need to pack along your own cup for fluids at aid stations and at the finish line. Here are two suggestions: a collapsible cup (available in our merch store), or a homemade version cutting the top off an empty juicebox.

For this race, we will have paper cups for soup for the longer distance Aid Stations.


WAM 100mile distance postponed to 2022.