Triple WAMMY!


Triple WAMMY!

Sept 23-25, 2022 - Whistler Alpine Meadows

Date: Sept 23-25, 2022
Total Distance: 85.75 kms / 53 miles
Total Ascent: 4,750 m / 15,600 ft
Total Descent: 3,550 m / 11,600 ft


We have an Ascent Race, a 25 km race, and a 50 km race…so why not add in a 3-day stage race you say? Voila! Here you go!

The “Triple WAMMY!” involves running the ascent race on Friday, via a lung searing 1200 meter ascent over a distance of just 5.75 kms. Decisions, decisions, do you lay it all on the line and hope to recover in time for day 2, or do you play it conservative, saving something for Saturday and Sunday’s stages?

If you’ve played it smart through the first stage, you’ve left something in the tank for biggest challenge of all, a 50 km point to point race with almost 2800 meters of climb and descent. Did you enjoy the ascent race on Blackcomb? We hope so, cause you get to begin your 50 km day with an even BIGGER 1700 meter ascent up Whistler Mountain! (Insert evil laugh)

The good news? The good news is that you’ll now get to continue along Whistler’s alpine terrain and onto Singing Pass, which is quite simply one of the most magnificent singletrack trails in all of BC. The bad news? What goes up, must come down…way, way down, and then up, and down and up and down again.

Sunday's final stage involves 25 kms of single track along the fairly technical, and world renowned Comfortably Numb trail network. With but a single aid station along this route at km 19, you’re going to want to be strategic in deciding how much to carry vs going too light and running out of fuel and energy along the way.

The 25 km route will provide ample challenge to all “Triple WAMMY!” runners, making that finish line hug that much more memorable.


Every finisher of the Triple WAMMY! pieces together their 3-piece finisher's trophy one day and one race at a time.


Check out the course stats and maps on each race page below.

Race Day(s) Schedule

Dates: Sept 23-25, 2021
Location: Whistler, BC
Start Times:

Fri: Ascent Race – 10:00am – 4hr00 cutoff
Sat: 50km - 6:00am - 12hr30 cutoff
Sun: 25km - 10:00am - 6hr30 cutoff


Ascent Race: Merlin's, base of Blackcomb Mountain
50km: Cheakamus Lake Road
25km: Riverside Resort

Finish: Ascent Race: Rendezvous Lodge
50km: Rendezvous Lodge
25km: Riverside Resort

Race Details

Details for each day can be found on each race page. Please click the buttons below to view more.


The Triple WAMMY has been postponed to 2022.