Whistler Alpine Meadows


Whistler Alpine Meadows

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 - 12km, 25km, 55km, NEW 115km (TBC 175km for 2019)

Date: Saturday, Sept 22nd, 2018
Distance:  12km, 25km, 55km,
NEW 115km for 2018 (and TBC 175km for 2019!)


Welcome to the Whistler Alpine Meadows race. Quite simply some of the most fantastic terrain you could ever hope to run on, with the added bonus of being in the world class destination of Whistler, BC.

The Whistler Alpine Meadows trail races (WAM) happen on the Northwest side of town, on terrain that has only been opened up in the last two years. Local Kevin Titus has been instrumental in not only constructing this network but in helping us bring this concept to life. Kevin’s vision, as a lifelong resident of Whistler, is on full display via his crowning achievement, The Skywalk Trail. Runners will be treated to alpine meadows, waterfalls, wildflowers, glaciers and mountain views as far as the eye can see. Did we mention you’ll get to run to a glacier and back? Yeah, you get to run a friggin’ glacier! We thinks that’s pretty cool…get it…insert sad pun noise.

The Whistler Alpine Meadows races have it all and are not shy on the elevation profile side of things either. Our 12km distance has 650m / 2100ft while our 25km distance will boast 1500m / 5100ft, and our 55km race has a staggering 3350m / 11,000ft! Buckle up!



Ascent: 650m / 2100ft
Descent: 650m / 2100ft 

Click the map above to view a larger image.

Ascent: 1550m / 5100ft
Descent: 1550m / 5100ft

Click the map above to view a larger image.

Ascent: 3350m / 11,000ft
Descent: 3350m / 11,000ft

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Ascent: 7000m / 23,000ft
Descent: 7000m / 23,000ft

More information and maps for the 115 km coming soon!


Date: Saturday, September 22nd, 2018
Distances: 12km, 25km, 55km, NEW 115km for 2018 (and TBC 175km for 2019)
Location: Whistler, BC
Start Times:

115km – TBA

55km – 6:30am – 12hr cutoff.
6:00am early start time for back of pack runners, giving 12.5hrs to complete the course. Early start time is 100% ONLY for those who know they will take longer than 10.5hrs to finish. If you run faster than 10.5hr pace you will arrive before your first two aid stations are in place. 

25km – 7:00am

12km – 8:00am

Kid’s Race – 9:00am – Kids race location is at the race finish line behind Meadow Park.

Start: Riverside Resort
The Riverside Cafe, located right at your start line, will be open as of 5am for all your caffeinated needs 🙂 
Finish: Green space behind Meadow Park Sports Centre.


Riverside Resort – Stay just steps from your starting line with our official accommodation partner and event host site. Options include camping, RV sites, cabins and yurts. To access spots reserved for the race, use the code CMTS17 at 604-905-5533​ (not a discount code, but please be sure to use it – helps ensure we can host the race on site!).

Whistler Athlete’s Centre –  Individual rooms with shared bathrooms and a full shared and fully stocked kitchen space. Conveniently located as soon as you enter Whistler at Function Junction. Special rates with booking code “CMTS“. Book online here, or over the phone 604-964-0052​.

If you are staying at Riverside Resort you will be able to park on site.

If you are not booked in to Riverside Resort you will have to park at Whistler Secondary on Alpine Way.

We will have a free shuttle service for people who park at the school, located 2.4km from our start line and about 300 meters away from our finish line. The 2.4kms to our start line is along the paved Valley Trail, with no elevation gain it can double as a nice morning warmup run or hike if you’d prefer skip the bus. Here’s a link to the 2.4km route as a reference point.

Aid Stations, Drop Bag and Finish Line Bags: 

115km – TBA

55km – has 5 aid stations via 3 locations that you hit a total of five times, as shown on the course map.

Distances in kilometers 7 / 18.5 (heli-drop AS pls see note below) / 28.5 / 35 / 39.5 (heli-drop AS, please see note below)

55k Drop Bag is located at the Rainbow Park aid station at kilometer 28.5. You only visit this aid station and hence your drop bag, once. Drop bags must be dropped off by you on race morning, at the start of the race. Location for drop bags will be next to the start line and appropriately signed. Drop bags will be returned to the finish line after the Rainbow Aid Station closes down. ​

25km – Two aid stations at kilometers 7 / 11.5 (heli-drop aid station, please see note below)

12km – One aid station at 7km

All our aid stations feature: water, coke, Heed electrolyte, Hammer gel, bananas, oranges, chips, cookies and watermelon.

NOTE REGARDING OUR HELI-DROP AID STATION: Yes, we have a heli-drop aid station on both the 25km and 55km races. That’s pretty cool, right!? How could it not be cool? Well, helicopters can’t fly in all weather conditions. The heli-drop aid station is weather dependent, the race is not weather dependent and will go off whether the helicopter can fly or not. What that means is that when you depart home for this race, you absolutely must be 100% prepared to NOT have this aid station available to you. The 25km race would then only have one aid station at kilometer 7, while the 55k race would then have three aid stations at kilometers 7, 28.5 and 35. Please plan accordingly. We will have a good idea of if the helicopter can fly in the days leading up to the race, and we will attempt to confirm 100% the day before the race. 

Crew Accessible Aid Stations?
Please note there is only one aid station that is accessible to crew, that being the Rainbow Park AS at kilometer 28.5 Your crew are allowed at this aid station only. No crew points for 25km or 12km runners. This single crew point for 55km runners. Driving directions, race finish area to Rainbow Park Aid Station.

All CMTS races are now cup free events, meaning you’ll need to pack along your own source for fluids at aid stations and at the finish line. Here are two suggestions: A packable style bottle, or a homemade version in which you simply lop the top off of an empty kids juicebox. ​

Finish Line Bags:
We will provide a finish line bag drop location at the start line. It will be up to you to place your bag here, under the appropriate signage, and we will then transport it for you to the finish line. In an effort to minimize the number of finish line bags to be transported we do offer a free finish line shuttle service that will transport you back to your vehicle at both Whistler Secondary and The Riverside Resort. Shuttles will depart regularly and it is a short drive time to get you to your vehicle. We appreciate wherever possible to keep your finish line bag in your vehicle, so as to prevent us from having to move 300+ bags on race morning. 

Mandatory Gear List for 25km and 55km Races (115km TBA):
Well, let’s be honest, the only way off the upper reaches of the mountain if something goes wrong is by helicopter. We will have search and rescue on standby, but as mentioned above, helicopters can’t fly in all weather conditions. With this in mind, here is the mandatory gear list for all 25km and 55km runners. 

ALL mandatory gear must be carried by ALL 25k and 55k runner at ALL TIMES. 

  1. Emergency bivy, like this one OR survival blanket, like this one *NO a space blanket does not suffice*
  2. hooded jacket OR rain poncho
  3. gloves and toque or buff
  4. whistle
  5. fire starting kit which can be as simple as a lighter in a ziplock bag
  6. headlamp of at least 100 lumens

Poles are allowed in all race distances. Hiking / trekking / running poles are allowed in this race. 

* If something goes wrong in the alpine and we cannot fly the helicopter we will have medical assistants bunker down with you for the night. All our volunteers in the upper regions will also be carrying these emergency supplies. 

10 Essentials:
Although all our courses are excellently marked, you can never predict what can happen during a race. We recommend learning about the 10 essentials for backcountry safety and bringing them in your running pack. Learn more about the 10 essentials in this article by North Shore Rescue.

Cutoffs for 55k (115kms TBA):

  • 12:15 / 5h45m into regular start and 6h15m into early start. Rainbow Park Aid Station – kilometer 28.5
  • 14:30 / 8hrs into regular start and 8.5hrs into early start. Nineteen Mile Creek Aid Station – kilometer 35
  • 18:30 / 12hrs into regular start and 12.5hrs into early start. Finish line at Meadow Park. 

* Please note that you cannot change your mind on your race distance once your race begins, as the 25km race goes in a different direction.

Cutoffs for 12k and 25k:

​Package Pickup:
Friday, September 21st: 4:00pm – 7:00pm @ Escape Route Whistler
Saturday, September 22nd @ Riverside Resort (race start)
     55km 5:00am – 6:00am
​     25km & 12km – 5:30am – 6:45am


Included with every race registration:

  • Finish line BBQ
  • Custom WAM “Choose Vert” race shirt for all distances
  • Finisher medals for all distances

UTMB Qualifier:
The WAM 55km and 25km distances are UTMB Qualifiers, with 3 and 2 new points (respectively).


Race results for 2017 are available on Race Splitter using the buttons below. You can also access previous years results by clicking here.

2017 Results: 12 km

2017 Results: 25 km

2017 Results: 55 km


2017 race day photos were taken by Brian McCurdy and are available to purchase though his website using the button below.

2017 Race Photos

Get an inside look at the 2017 race in the photo gallery below!


Distance Feb 1st July 22nd Race Cap
12 KM $55 $65 150
25 KM $75 $85 300
55 KM $125 $135 225
115 KM $225 $250 150

Registration for the WAM 2018 races will open Feb 1st 2018.