Ascent Race


Ascent Race

Friday, September 20 2019 - Whistler Alpine Meadows

Date: Friday, Sept 20, 2019
Distance: 13.5km / 8.38 miles
Ascent: 1,700 m / 5,600 ft
Descent: NONE



It brings us great pleasure to introduce an Ascent Race to the Whistler Alpine Meadows lineup for 2019!

This ascent race is pure uphill, all the way, start to finish. You do not get a break, you do not get to run downhill at any point along the entire route! This is a sustained climb of 1700 meters / 5600 feet, over a distance of just 13.5 km / 8.38 miles. What does that all that mean? A world of hurt, that’s what! 😊

The climb up Khyber Pass will make you question your life choices, even as you proceed through impressively large trees nestled into a tranquil moss blanketed forest. It will certainly be difficult to appreciate the beauty of it all as you’re struggling to keep your heart rate below 200.

When you pop out into the sub alpine you’ll get the sense that you’re almost there…that you must be close…but anyone who buys into this will surely crack before they reach the top of Whistler Mountain, and their eventual finish line. When you start to get those succulent alpine vistas, you’ve only just begun the final third of the route.

As you crest into the alpine proper you’ll be presented with a lung searing final approach that involves chains on rocks and quite possibly snow on the ground. Hands on knees for one final push as you get to run across the suspension bridge at the very top of Whistler Mountain to claim your finish line prize, of a highly coveted finisher medal, and bragging rights to completing one of the harder ascent races you’re bound to come across.

Did you sign up for the Triple WAMMY? You may be starting to regret that decision as you soak in the views over all of Whistler from what feels like the absolute top of the world.


Distance:  13.5 km / 8.38 miles
Ascent: 1,700 m / 5,600 ft
Descent: NONE!

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Race Day Schedule

Date: Fri, Sept 20 2019
Location: Whistler, BC
Start Time:



5hr30 cutoff

Start Line: Whistler Athletes’ Centre
Finish Line: Top of Whistler Mountain


​Aid Stations, Drop Bag and Finish Line Bags:

All races will have a finish line drop bag.

Ascent Race: small drop bag / finish line bag transported to the top, at their finish line.


Ascent Race Finish: 5h30m

​Crew and Pacers

Crew Accessible Aid Stations: Crew / friends / family are allowed to make their way to the top of Whistler to view the finish. The gondola will be running, but the Peak Chair will not, meaning it’s about a 45 minute hike from the top of the gondola to the finish line of the ascent race.

    Pacers: Pacers are NOT allowed in any distance, including the 175km distance due to permitting restrictions.

    Registration Prerequisites

    Ascent Race: none

    ​Mandatory Gear List:

    Ascent Race: weather dependent *if inclement weather is forecast then a basic mandatory gear list including gloves, buff and wind jacket will be enforced*

    10 Essentials: Although all our courses are excellently marked, you can never predict what can happen during a race. We recommend learning about the 10 essentials for backcountry safety and bringing them in your running pack. Learn more about the 10 essentials in this article by North Shore Rescue.


    All CMTS races are now cup free events, meaning you’ll need to pack along your own source for fluids at aid stations and at the finish line. Here are two suggestions: a collapsible cup (available in our merch store), or a homemade version with the top off an empty juicebox.


    Distance Jan 4 June 20 Race Cap
    Ascent Race $65 $90 100
    • Anyone dropping out up to and including June 1 will receive a 50% refund of entry fees.
    • Up to and including 30 days before race day, you can receive a full deferral to any other CMTS event (if not sold out), towards a single other race only. Deferrals are only applicable for one calendar year from the race you transfer out of (meaning the race entry can be deferred to any OTHER race, but not the same race one year later). Entries can only be deferred a single time, to a single event.
    • You can move down in distance, but not up in distance. No credit is provided for the difference in entry fee.